It’s so easy to get lost in numerous reviews about brokers on the internet, to the point when it becomes confusing to the core. Facebook, blogs, Instagram, YouTube - social media, is full of people sharing their opinion and it’s a great possibility to see what the product is all about, but how to know what the truth is? How to find legitimate reviews and not get lost in super-negative or overly-cheerful ones?

Here’s what we’ve got to help you navigate through them.

First of all, we need to figure out where do negative reviews come from? There are two most likely scenarios.

1. Unresolved issue

Imagine you have bought an electric kettle to save time and enjoy your cup of tea anytime you want. You arrive at home and realise that it doesn’t work, despite the assurance of the salesman that the kettle is in perfect condition. 

That’s unsettling, to say the least, and your first reaction, of course, will be a vow to never buy anything from that store nor the producers of the kettle ever again.

That’s where emotions get the worst of us and we may even rush to write a bad review.

But let’s look into this situation deeper because there are always 2 sides to each and every story.

Was the kettle set up according to the product manual that came in the box? Did you contact the store you bought it in? Maybe there was some kind of misunderstanding?  Perhaps, the salesman who sold you the kettle never saw a faulty product from this producer before. 

It’s always upsetting to spend your money on something that doesn’t work the way it is supposed to, but that’s where tutorials and guides come in handy.

On OctaFX’s platform, if something doesn’t seem to work, they are ready to provide you with help on any issue you might be facing.

Their FAQ section is designed specifically for the kind of questions that may confuse our traders, and in case you didn’t find your answer there their support team is always here to assist you and help you out!

Remember, there is no issue that can’t be solved and no problem that you can’t figure out together.

In the heart of every issue there lies miscommunication, so don’t be afraid to raise your doubts and you shall be heard! OctaFX is here to make everything crystal clear for you. Their customer support is available 24/5 Monday to Friday, and their Trade Compliance will thoroughly investigate any case. 

2. Intentional reviews

Let’s say that John is working for company A that makes kettles and he is sure that company B, which also makes kettles is nowhere near the high standard of his company. Seems fair, since John is taking exceptional pride in what he and his company do for the kettle industry. 

The thing is, John has a certain prejudice, being a fan of company A and is not willing to give company B any chances. John thinks poorly of the other products because of his prejudice and, talks about it as if he tried it and didn’t like it.

We can all understand John, but that doesn’t mean that he is right.

Before judging something you should give it a try and come up with your own opinion.

OctaFX’s platforms may pleasantly surprise you with some features you haven’t heard of before and you are always welcome to try them out and compare with something (a product) you’re familiar with. OctaFX offers training accounts you can use to practice and discover the world of trading. Demo accounts are great for novice traders, as well as experienced traders who wish to see if their new strategies are performing well.

OctaFX is constantly evolving and upgrading their product to make your experience even better, so feel free to leave your feedback and they will be glad to use it for implying further improvements. Missing a feature? Write to them and you can be sure they’ll take it to heart. Remember that it’s your input that allows them to make their trading platform the perfect place for you to stay.

Okay, we have figured out where do these reviews come from. But how to make sure your funds are completely safe and your experience will go as smoothly as possible?

Here is a pro tip for you on how to make your trading easier!

1. Use all the links the platform can offer

They are here for a reason and designed specifically for you to make sure you know all there is to learn about the platform. FAQs, tutorials, blogs and external links will help you get the idea better and faster than ever!

2. Be curious

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and look for the info from the reliable sources. 

3. Read carefully

All the reviews you might want to trust should contain real and well-described information. “It’s a scam, I lost my money!” is not quite an informative review, because you don’t know the reason for which the person who wrote it is upset. What exactly happened? What were the circumstances? A good review, negative or positive by nature, is all about details and explanations. It’s all about being constructive! And before we wrap up, I’d like to add one last thing. Believing just one side is understandable by virtue traders’ vulnerable position when it comes to forex brokerage companies. However, it is important to read what brokers have to say too, as at times reviews might not be as bad as they seem. 

With all that information, you are now ready to surf the net and find what suits you! I hope that like me, you’ll choose to trade with OctaFX. 

Try their platform right now and tell me what you think!