That’s the day we’ve all been waiting for - the day when the Force is with us, and we are with the Force!

To commemorate this day well-known and important not only for geeks but also for all the fans of overall pop-culture, we are here to deliver an entertaining article on Jedi Code for all you Forex lovers! So gather up, younglings, because we are about to start our journey to the light side of the Force.

There is no emotion, there is peace

That’s the first rule in the Code of Jedi, and it’s rightfully the most important one. The key point of becoming the master of trading is to take control of your emotions. Success or loss, pure joy or anger can take over a person in no time and take you to the dark side (and believe me when I say there are no cookies there). If you aspire to be the true Jedi of trading, you need to understand that a calm mind and logic are the keys to your success. We are only human, after all, so that might be one of the hardest trials you face, but oh will this be worth it!

Suppressing your emotions might be not so healthy as well since we tend to overflow with them if we keep it all to ourselves. So what do we do to master the first step?

We acknowledge our emotions, be it anger, frustration or happiness, as if saying “Yes, I feel this way now, and I know the reason for it. Do my emotions change the facts or influence any events? Should I act on them? Should I let them go?”

Internal monologue might sound dramatic, but trust the experienced Jedi, it’s effective. So take a deep breath and remember - those ruled by the power of their emotions never take the weighted decision. Act smart, don’t rush it, trust the facts.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge

That’s the step to the light side we all are aware of, but not so many pay attention to. World of trading seems to be as old as time, the only difference being virtual platforms used instead of Boards of Trades.

But the true Jedi knows very well that systems evolve, the world is changing and there is so much to learn about all the things it can offer for the trading.

Economics, politics - a good trader is keeping an eye on them, but the great trader and soon to be Jedi of it think smarter than just that. Tech news, smaller companies and their links to the bigger ones, indicators and platforms, latest trends and brand new possibilities all the new technologies can offer.

It’s especially easy today when you can fit the whole world in a few apps on your smartphone. A few pop-ups from a favourite tracking app for important news can surely make you step up your trading.

Knowledge is power, and we, as true Jedi, are about to use it wisely.

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There is no passion, there is serenity

This part of the Jedi code is tightly connected to the first one, that’s why it’s important to go through it once more.

For most of us, trading is a lifestyle, and what a great lifestyle it is! Charts and graphs, list of open deals and currencies you are interested in. Trading news and updates, indicators and lots.

But the most important thing with any of your passions is not to let it consume you. It’s important to be genuinely interested in what you do, to keep up with the enthusiasm, but once it takes over your life and you can’t think about nothing else, it’s time for the internal monologue again.

Am I taking good care of myself and of people that rely on me? Am I spending enough time on other activities that are important to me? What are my priorities right now?

The best thing to imply here is the mindfulness - being aware of what you are doing and the motives behind it.

Set your goals, determine the time you devote to the trading and remember, that those who blindly dive into the deep are the first to drown.

There is no chaos, there is harmony

Exactly the way Jedi must respect the natural order of things and create it where once chaos was, the trader who aspires to become professional needs to do the same.

This part of the Code will help you with your portfolio management and division of your funds to make sure that you invest wisely.

The true Jedi of trading is never torn apart between millions of different assets and options to invest - the true Jedi picks up a few ones that they are sure of and keep an eye on them.

The true Trading Jedi never invests more than they are willing to lose and doesn’t turn to the dark side on that matter. Trading Jedi keeps track of all their deals and platforms, indicators and investments have them all sorted and clear.

Make it simple yet efficient. Less is more, and that’s the case. There is nothing but the Force.

The combination of all the above is only the key to your path towards the light side of the Trading and your biggest trial is to do your best to apply them all (oops, wrong reference!) and to become the Jedi you were destined to be.

Changes won’t happen overnight and there is no need to rush - make your journey slow and steady and don’t forget to keep your mind at peace, find the knowledge, be serene and aspire towards harmony.

May the Force be with you!