It was a chance for us to learn about Vietnamese culture, explore its many beautiful parts but most importantly, an opportunity for us to meet our amazing partners. Honestly, we couldn't be any luckier to have received such a warm welcome from the local communities, which we found extremely friendly and open-minded. Not to mention that they're incredibly ambitious and hardworking among other traits that these people display each and every day.

Over two weeks, we crossed the country from the south all the way to the north, visiting 3 cities along the way. Ho Chi Minh city in the Mekong Delta which is known for hundreds of small rivers, Da Nang a coastal town known for its beautiful sandy beaches and the breathtaking Marble Mountains, and the capital Hanoi in the Red River Delta.

While enjoying our travels through this astonishing country, we were most happy to meet our IBs. Considering our rapidly growing community of introducing brokers, we were pleased to meet 20 of them face to face and converse about the future of our brokerage, as we combine our efforts to make forex accessible, convenient and fashionable in this part of Southeast Asia. It is thanks to these meetings that we've received a lot of insightful feedback and realised that we must work even harder on improving our services in Vietnam. The enthusiasm we received made us understand that together with our IBs, we can make OctaFX number one broker in Vietnam.

Throughout our trip, we hosted three significant events. The first one held in Ho Chi Minh city gathered over 150 traders! During the event, we could exchange with novice as well as experienced traders who came especially to get to know us and we couldn't be happier about it. As a regional manager for Vietnam, I was pleased to introduce our CEO to everyone and answer questions about OctaFX to everyone who made it to the seminar.

During every seminar, we taught attendees about Forex trading, but we also organised fun competitions which left lucky winners with cool prizes from OctaFX.  

We had a fantastic time in Vietnam, and feel like we've become good friends with our IBs and all traders who came to find out more about OctaFX. Exchanging opinions and making super cool plans for the future was an awesome experience. We hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. We will definitely continue this tradition and revisit Vietnam soon!