Our team spent three weeks travelling around the country and meeting OctaFX's affiliates. The trip was full of insightful meetings and fun activities. Thanks to all those meetings, we got to know our partners better and received a lot of positive feedback to help us expand our presence in this region.  Knowing that Vietnamese people want us to be more active in their country is a real privilege. Our team visited five different cities, including, Hochiminh, Buon Me Thuot, Da Nang, Hanoi, and Thanh Hoa. And, as most of our partners live in the biggest Vietnamese cities- we got the chance to hang out in the business hubs of the country, namely Hochiminh city and the capital Hanoi city.  

Our top priority in this beautiful part of the world, and in Vietnam specifically, is to be recognised as the most reputable and trustworthy brokerage company with the best trading conditions. First of all, we were proud to inform everyone that our Vietnamese market has grown twice in the last three months, and currently, we have around 50 000 clients and 150 partners in this country. Thanks to our very first trip, we gathered a lot of helpful feedback, and since then, we were able to introduce changes and present all the improvements on this visit.  Allow us to give you an example. Right now, we have a local payment system NganLuong for the Vietnamese market, which makes the process of deposit and withdrawal more convenient. Also, we urged the hiring process for Vietnamese operators. Now we have several Vietnamese support managers, which allows our customers to communicate with us more easily, and in their native language. Last but not least, we focused on having more activities such as seminars and educational meetings, as well as official OctaFX Vietnamese pages on Facebook and Zalo, to help our traders reach verified sources of information about our brokerage. 

Apart from all the exciting meetings, there was also time for party and celebration, as we held Supercharged IB contest awards. Miss Thuy Linh Nguyen was the first and the only woman in this contest who received a new Honda Jazz from OctaFX. And that's not all, because we are already planning new competitions specifically for Vietnam! 

To wrap up our trip, we held a seminar about the "Supply and Demand" method in investment. The event took place in the financial heart of Hanoi city, on the very top of the VP bank tower. It is safe to say that it was fantastic! Around 70 people have attended and learned more about innovative trading strategies.  They had a chance to ask questions and share feedback with the representatives of OctaFX.  We're sure that this feedback will help us improve our services further and we'll be able to present new results on our next visit to Vietnam. At the end of the event,  3 participants received lucky boxes with unique gifts from our team. As our seminars proved to be successful, and all attendees refer to them as engaging and memorable, we will definitely organise more! 

Overall, we are thankful for all our partners and clients who chose OctaFX and who help us improve and become number one in the region! We will come back again soon with more exciting activities, contests, bonuses, and news!