As we approach Ramadan festivities, on behalf of OctaFX, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the importance of sharing.

Each year thousands of new traders join OctaFX. This brokerage aims at providing the best trading conditions possible as well as promotions that make Forex trading easy and profitable. And while profits in the context of Forex are important, we must not forget that the core value of this brokerage is being client-oriented.

For this reason, OctaFX continues to expand regionally aiming at becoming your broker-next-door, and a familiar entity that makes Forex trading possible for everyone. As we grew attached to our clients we understood the true importance and the values that the holy month of Ramadan represents. That’s why we wish to be a part of it by sharing the best we can with you.

Last year OctaFX donated to charities mainly from 3 countries, including Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia. All causes were noble, and we intend to repeat it again this year. I should also say thank you, as it wouldn't be possible without our traders, who continued to trade and support our cause.

Thanks to our mutual efforts orphaned children under the care of Pusat Jagaan Cahaya Kasih Bestari from Malaysia, received money that helped the charity organise an event for the kids. Watching the photos with their smiles was the best thing one could ask for.


At the same time, in Pakistan, we were able to raise and donate money to SOS Children's Villages. Similarly to Pusat Jagaan Cahaya Kasih Bestari, they provide help and shelter to orphans, as well as abandoned and neglected children. Thanks to all our Pakistani traders the organisation received over 2000 USD for equipment that helps them carry out their remarkable job in a more efficient manner.

And lastly, we wish to thank all our Indonesian traders for their input. Thanks to all of you OctaFX was able to donate over 90 million rupiahs to Bali Sports Foundation that our company is in support of for several years and counting.  Thanks to our joint help the foundation was able to cover the costs of equipment needed for the International Wheelchair Rugby Tournament.

It was a genuinely holy month of Ramadan, and if you're feeling nostalgic reading all of the above, I hope that you'll be even more excited for what we have in store this year, as the slogan for this year's Ramadan is "For the people, not for profit".

Ramadan Kareem!