The golden standard for all the assets in our list, this currency pair is an everlasting classic.

What to look for here?

After Friday’s collapse, many traders and analysts are looking for further events to see whether EUR manages to get the grasp back and rise, but it might be quite difficult considering the price hitting rock bottom 1.0930 - the lowest price since May 2017. Yes, you can see the improvement on the chart, but will it last long enough? There are mixed opinions on that one, so you might want to take a closer look at the economic calendar.

What to expect?

This September promises to look intense in terms of important events and news. 

Make sure you follow the most important ones!

  • Gross Domestic Product report on the 6th of September

  • Nonfarm Payroll on the 6th of September

  • ECB Interest Rate Decision and Monetary Policy Statement on the 12th of September

  • Fed’s Monetary Policy Statement on the 18th of September


Still the hottest topic of the year, this asset is one of the most popular due to its interesting yet unpredictable dynamics.

What to look for here?

It’s all about Brexit again. After hitting a historic low of October 2016, there is a sudden rise. Lower chances for a no-deal Brexit that are now clear due to the recent parliamentary session may bring good news - GBP still have possibilities to grow.

What to expect?

Here’s the usual: keep an eye on important events connected to Brexit. Any type of assurance and steady decision instead of postponing the discussion most likely leads to GBP gaining its strength. 

Focus on the most important events in the economic calendar and don’t forget about the second half of September - reports on BoE Asset Purchase Facility and BoE Interest Rate decision (the 19th of September) and Gross Domestic Products (the 30th of September) might set the tone for your trading in October!


A new asset is becoming more and more popular with traders all around the world. 

What to look for here?

August wasn’t the most beneficial month for Australian Dollar, especially considering the Trade war that affects AUD pretty hard. However, September looks promising, and the price on the chart keeps going higher and higher.

What to expect?

It’s all about the fateful second half of September. It’s important to monitor important events in the American economy, but if you want to focus on more -specific Australian news, don’t forget about the following:

  • RBA Meeting Minutes report (17th of September)

  • Unemployment Rate (19th of September)


As usual, JPY is never out of fashion among traders.

What to look for?

It’s exactly where USD shines the brightest now. Recent news of negotiations between the US and China is giving the dollar a good push, making price rise slowly but steadily. Nonfarm Payroll is the event everybody waits for to make any future prognosis for this currency pair.

What to expect?

The world focuses on news and reports of the US, especially the Nonfarm Payroll due to the 6th of September. As for Japan itself, you might want to check out the Gross Domestic Product report on the 8th of September and BoJ Monetary Policy Statement on the 19th of September.

Don’t forget to read the news considering politics!

Well, it looks like September is going to be as hot as summer, but we won’t complain since it’s a great opportunity. Make sure to check the news, both political and economic, and go ahead with your strategies!