Recent bullish trends for this currency still goes on, despite all the political scandals and rumours; even the notorious investigation which might lead to Trump’s impeachment couldn’t obstruct it. The consistent rising of the price goes on, only lately giving in to a slight and smooth drop.

Here are the events you wouldn’t want to miss in order to create a well-planned strategy for your trading this month!

  • Nonfarm Payroll (4th of October)

  • Fed’s Chair Powell speech (4th of October)

  • Consumer Price Index ex Food & Energy (10th of October)

  • Fed’s Monetary Policy Statement and FOMC Press Conference (30th of October)


The hot topic of all the hot topics and bane of many traders’ existence - as well as your possible weapon of choice in your trading arsenal. 

As always, Brexit is in the middle of the spotlight, and recent speculations concerning negotiations with the EU don’t seem to make the situation better in terms of clarity. All we can do is monitor the news closely and watch out for definite decisions regarding Brexit, as we’ve been doing for quite a long time.

So don’t forget to look out for those:

  • BoE’s Governor Carney Speech (8th of October)

  • Supposed time for the decision concerning the deal about conditions of Brexit (11th of October)

  • ILO Unemployment Rate (15th of October)

  • Consumer Price Index (16th of October)

  • Brexit Deadline (31st of October)


EUR might not be at its peak at the moment, but we hope to see quite a lot of movement this month. Weak German inflation has definitely dropped the price in the very first week of October, right below 1.0900 for the first time since 2017.

You might want to prepare for those major events and get your support/resistance lines ready!

  • ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts (10th of October)

  • Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (11th of October)

  • ECB Bank Lending Survey (22nd of October)

  • Gross Domestic Product and Consumer Price Index (31st of October)


For the moment JPY keeps the title of the safest choice among the most popular currencies, showing a smooth transition between highs and lows in pairs with different assets.

It’s better to pay attention to numbers and figures monitored by BoJ, such as Unemployment rate (2.4%, rise in comparison with the previous results).

It wouldn’t hurt to pay attention to those events:

  • Foreign Investment in Japan Stocks (9th of October)

  • National Consumer Price Index (17th of October)

  • Tokyo CPI ex Fresh Food (29th of October)

  • BoJ Monetary Policy Statement (31st of October)

  • BoJ Press Conference (31st of October)

Armed with those dates and briefs recaps on what happened with the currencies before, you sure are going to be more confident entering the market and creating your trading strategy.


Don’t forget to check out your economic calendar often and make sure you have your notifications on for all the important news to come this month!