In 2020, we discussed many things on OcBlog: finance and entertainment, budgeting and strategies, biographies and motivation. To make sure you didn’t miss the best articles, OctaFX team had picked the most popular blog pieces in 2020. Enjoy the best of the best and check if you have read all of it.

Strategies: How to become a successful day trader? 

Day trading is one of the most popular trading strategies among those who prefer short-term investments. Follow simple steps from this article to ensure you trade safely and with more chances of getting profit.

Investing: How to apply Warren Buffett’s advice to your trading

If you are interested in the world economy and especially if you are interested in Wall Street’s history, you heard about Warren Buffett. It’s always fascinating to listen to those who managed to build their empire from scratch, so make sure you make a note of his financial advice.

Risk management: What’s a stop loss and how to use it 

Stop Loss is a crucial trading instrument that is a must when we talk about risk management. It would be best if you always used it to prevent any trading losses, and that’s how you do it. Make sure to apply that knowledge to your deals!

Psychology: How to learn from other traders’ mistakes

‘Mistake’ is another word for ‘experience’ if you are ready to learn. Before diving into the world of Forex, you must use the knowledge of experienced traders and learn from both their success and failures.

Basics: Forex guide for newbies

Are you new to Forex? Do you want to introduce someone to it? This article perfectly captures the essential information you can start with. Don’t forget to expand your knowledge!

Entertainment: The short guide to Billions

‘Billions’ is a popular TV show aired on CBS Showtime. It might not depict trading and Forex as realistically as possible, but you can still learn something for it. Use this article to understand better some trading lingo - in real life and while watching a new episode.

Balance sheets: Basics of family budgeting

Budgeting might sound like a challenging task, but there are ways you can make the process more effective and easy!

Assets: Benefits of investing in real estate and how to start

There is more to trading than just Forex. Learn about bonds, stocks and real estate - maybe that’s exactly what you need to consider to diversify your trading portfolio.

Motivation: Women in trading

Our traders are our biggest inspiration. This time, we had interviews with our female traders from different countries to learn more about them as professionals and as people. Their goals, ambitions, and experience are different, but that what makes them unique.

Which article was your favourite in 2020?