August looks promising not only weather-wise but also for trading! Here’s our little preview of what to expect and what you should pay attention to.


The most popular asset, just as expected, and we have a lot to watch out for this August!

What to look for here? 

Rises and falls of EUR made us all nervous throughout July, but by the end of it, the price started to grow, showing an apparent bullish trend. Events happening outside of Europe caused this uplift. Right when all the attention focuses on the UK and US-Sino talks, euro has a chance to strengthen its position.

What to expect?

The future of this currency pair is to be determined by significant events, such as Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (13th of August), Germany’s Gross Domestic Product report (14th of August), Nonfarm Payroll for the US (2nd of August), as well as ISM Manufacturing PMI (1st of August). Those reports and figures will determine the next movements of EUR relative to USD, so better keep an eye on them!


Still one of the most traded assets, this currency pair is not only extremely volatile, which attracts traders but also makes a great interest in market analytics. 

What to look for here?

Within the last 2 days, GBP reached its 29-month low level, losing 250 pips, but slowly recovered, getting 120 pips back. However, most specialists consider it to be temporary and this rise to backlash more in comparison to the current situation. As usual, the most significant part of the responsibility for GBP rates lays on Brexit.

What to expect? 

The most significant interest, in this case, is still the final decision on Brexit regarding the no-deal way. 

You can also pay attention to some important events from the economic calendar, such as Preliminary Gross Domestic Product (9th of August), Unemployment Rate (13th of August), and Consumer Price Index (14th of August). Since GBP is extremely volatile lately, you might want to look at previous results for such reports as well to adjust your strategy accordingly. 


The everlasting classics among assets, price rates for Gold are one of the most discussed and closely observed. 

What to look for here?

Price rates for Gold are as strong as ever, rising higher and higher each month. If you look closely at the charts, you will see the picture-perfect example of a bullish trend. According to the specialists, that tendency is likely to keep going, however prognosis for the quarter suggests bearish trend at one point. 

What to expect?

The best thing you can do here for your strategy is technical analysis and use of support and resistance lines. You can also add some monitoring of USD price rates and add some major events to your list of important things to remember this month.


JPY still holds its position as the most desired currency among others traded during the Asian session, and this month might give you a lot to think of as well as a lot to observe.

What to look for here?

The recent drop in price for USD compared to JPY is visible on the charts - such a change is hard to miss, especially for those who expected the bullish trend to prevail. However, USD gradually rises, though resistance lines still limit it. 

What to expect?

Experts suppose that the situation might change and have bullish tendencies within a month. 

The best way to follow the situation is to monitor the current situation in the American economy closely, paying particular attention to relationships with other countries, limits and restrictions included. As for critical news, you can check Tokyo CPI (29th of August).

Bottom line:

August promises to become quite eventful, and you better prepare for it! Don’t forget to use your economic calendars and set reminders for the events that interested you.

Stay calm and informed!