It's Know Your Customer Day!

Our team loves to learn more about you, our customers. Not only it helps us understand your needs better, but it's also essential to make sure that our product is perfectly tailored for you, the real people. 

We think it's only fair that you know what we do with the information we get from you and how we use it to improve our service. Have you ever wondered how OctaFX processes your feedback? What happens when you leave a comment? Let's see how it works.

What do I do if I have a problem, a complaint or a suggestion?

You can write to us in multiple channels, all of which you'll find on our website. You can live chat with our support operators, request a callback, WhatsApp, email, and Telegram. All this 24/5 Monday to Friday, because we want to be at your disposal at all times when trading is open. 

Who takes care of the comments? 

Customer support is one thing, but we all know that social media is the big thing when it comes to contacting brands. That's why we have a team of community managers who respond to all the comments and messages you send us. Just as our support team, our community managers team is multicultural and multilingual. 

Do you check the comments and messages 24/7?

Unlike customer support, our social media team doesn't operate round the clock, but we try to monitor all the comments every chance we get with the help of a special system that allows our community managers to sort them and answer each one of you as soon as possible. No message is left unnoticed! 

I have a problem with my account, can I use your social media to ask you to fix it? 

That's what we are here for! Any question you have and any issue you want to be solved, contact us, and we will make sure that we guide you in the right direction, forward your enquiry to whoever can assist and do our best to help. 

What happens with my complaint/issue/suggestion? 

All your account/trading/transactions related issues and questions are forwarded to the relevant team and taken into work right away. We have a fixed system of communication between teams, so rest assured that once you ask your question, our support team or community managers take it to the responsible department instantly.

How do I know that my suggestions or complaints have been forwarded to the developers? 

We use specialised software to gather every one of your suggestions and complaints and sort them by categories. That's where the developers' team takes ideas for improvement and updates. 

We discuss your feedback every day and make sure to sum it up to see what we need to do to provide the best service for you.

Does every suggestion count? 

Yes! In fact, every two weeks, we have meetings dedicated to your feedback and comments to make sure we didn't miss a thing and got everything you wanted to share with us. 

After that, your feedback goes from team to team to make sure that every aspect of OctaFX's services stays up to date with your needs. We don't just release features we think would be useful for you - we try to listen to your suggestions in every aspect. Customer support and marketing, mobile and web developers, IB team and finance department - our work revolves around our clients.

If I tag you in my stories on Instagram, Facebook or anywhere else, will you see it? 

We love when you share your stories with us! Your photos in our merch, anything related to trading or just your regular life - OctaFX is here to support you.

Our team is happy to be here for you anytime you need advice, help or want to share something. Knowing your customer takes much work, but we are glad to do it.