It can be dangerous to navigate alone, so in this article, we will explore how not to fall victim to those people seeking profit for themselves.

Better safe than sorry

Not sure if it’s a real email or a call you just received? Something seems suspicious? Don’t hesitate to visit the website of this organisation and check the official contacts! Make sure you choose exactly the official website. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and demand explanations.

The best way to know if the person is really who they claim to be is to contact the support team.

Pro tip: all the serious companies use a special email domain you can find after the @ sign: for instance, our email domain would be - pretty easy to remember! So always pay attention to that address after the @, and you will secure one more point for sure!

Stranger danger

Be careful when it comes to chatting with strangers on social media. OctaFX has a lot of partners who gather communities of traders online, but some people might use that image to cover up for their misleading plans.

As much as we are all used to chat in messengers and websites like Facebook, one should keep their guards when it comes to strangers writing you in direct messages and claiming that they are a representative of a company with a famous name.

It’s easy to believe those people who promise you astronomical profit with minimum effort and just insignificant, as they say, a sum of money to invest, but that’s where this advice may come in handy.

  • First of all, check if this person uses an account with a personal name, not a corporate one. It happens that sometimes companies use corporate accounts for sending promo messages and offers, but not a single company will personally ask a client to invest directly. Accounts like ‘Professional Trader John Smith’ are also the ones to avoid.

  • Never share your email and password, and under no condition share your IDs and bank card details, even if this person promises you instant profit. Remember, very often such scammers use people’s vulnerabilities and manipulate them to make sure they provide the info, and there is no guarantee you won’t be tricked.

  • If such a person offers you to transfer the money to their crypto wallet - that’s definitely a scam. When an individual asks you to transfer them money via untrackable way of payment transactions it doesn’t just smell fishy, it screams danger! Make sure not to do any transactions like that.

What can you do if you faced such a person yourself?

Well, first thing first, block them immediately. Make sure you didn’t give them any personal details, and if you did then change your passwords and logins, enable 2 step authentication where possible and contact your bank in case you have given that info out as well.

If you want to prevent such things from happening again, you can always contact the support team of that platform those scammers pretend to have a connection to and report their fraudulent behaviour.

Pro tip number two: reporting them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform those people tried to scam you can get their accounts blocked permanently!

Our team would like to remind you that if you are contacted by any specific person on social media, you can always contact us before making any decisions.

To sum it up:

  • Don’t share your personal data

  • Always check with the support team in any available contact channel

  • Report suspicious people who are trying to manipulate you

Stay safe!