Let’s see what you can do to ensure your financial stability.

1. Plan your budget

This type of advice can be applied to any situation, but now it’s more relevant than ever.

Make sure to spend a few hours of your time to thoroughly list all the necessary expenses you will have in the nearest future, add the amount for emergencies and try not to use it unless you really need it.

Here are some things on your list you should remember:

  • mortgage/any type of loan you might have

  • housing bills 

  • food (don’t forget to include pets if you have any)

  • medicine

The rest can be put aside.

Remember, budgeting will help you not only avoid unnecessary expenses but also lower the demand for necessities so that everyone will have enough food and supplies.

2. Never too late to study

Since most of the world is stuck in their houses, online educational platforms provided free access for their exclusive courses and lessons. Now you can learn any skill you always wanted but didn’t have enough time to. 

The coronavirus situation isn’t going to last forever, and we will need to recover - and this recovery might require a lot of workers with new skills.

So take your chance to get that knowledge for free. Besides, having something to busy yourself with may help you become less anxious about all the unpleasant things going on around us. 

3. Make investments

Remember, though, not to use the funds you have saved for emergencies - come back to the budgeting step and define the amount you can allow yourself to go into work for you.

Don’t use aggressive trading strategies if you are not sure in the current economic situation. Use your free time to check news and market analysis made by specialists to make sure you invest wisely. Both intraday trading and long-term investments might be a good idea, depending on what you would like to do with your money. Remember not to take massive risks with your investments and do your research.


Overall, even during the hard times, there is always hope, and there is always a way out (even if you can’t literally go out). It might be challenging to adjust, but we are all in this together. Stay home if it’s possible, check on your friends and family by phone, wash your hands, and stay strong.