It’s important to understand where you start from, estimate your household income and see which amount of money you can make work for you. Does your income depend only on your work, or can it be generated without your participation?

  1. Estimate the value

    In case you get money only by working - regardless of what you do - it means that once you stop doing what you do, you stop getting money as well. On the other hand, if you have a business or investments that can bring you passive income, that might bring your family money even generations later.
    Forex can become your source of passive income as well. Your investments, if made wisely, can bring you a considerable amount of profit without you being actively involved in monitoring the market situation 24/7.

  2. Plan ahead

    It’s really hard to find a proper investment strategy with great income right away. Well, we can’t all be lucky. We need to work smarter than that - even if the percent you get from your supposed investment is small, try to imagine what will it be in 10, even 20 years. Always take your investment as a long-running campaign. It’s not about speed, it’s about saving and spending your resources wisely.

  3. Teamwork

    Calculate your household income. That would be the income of all the people living in the same house/apartment. Each country differs in terms of the overall amount of income people get, what is considered a big or a small amount. Define the amount you can make “work for you” based on the household income.

  4. Quantity to quality
  • Make sure you possess a rare skill and you are not so easy to replace as a specialist. Invest in your education.

  • You can sell a product or service. You can own a patent to something, or rent a real estate

  • Try copytrading as a way to generate your income from experienced traders

Becoming extremely rich might be difficult, but you sure can save up enough to enjoy your life. All you need is a plan and a purpose - that’s how you build your future step by step.